Frameline42, the Castro, san francisco, June 2018

Festival Mix MilanO, Italy, june 2018

OUT HERE NOW: The Kansas City LGBT Film Festival, june 2018

Outfest, Los Angeles, the DGA Theater, july 2018

CINEMA Q, DENVER, july 2018

the marfa film festival, july 2018

GAZE Festival Dublin, Ireland, AUGUST 2018

Out on Screen: Vancouver Queer Film Festival, AUGUST 2018

north carolina gay & lesbian film festival, August 2018

outflix memphis, september 2018

cinema diverse Palm Springs lgbt film festival, september 2018

lisbon gay & lesbian film festival, portugal, september 2018

cinema queer stockholm, september 2018

out on film, atlanta, september 2018

fresno reel pride festival, september 2018

film festival for women’s rights (fiwom), SEOUL, South korea, september 2018

portland lesbian & gay film festival, october 2018

q cinema: Fort worth, october 2018

bent Sacramento lgbtq film festival, OCTOBER 2018

tampa international gay & lesbian film festival, 2018

LesGaiCineMad: madrid gay & lesbian film festival, october 2018

Raindance film festival, london, october 2018

iris prize festival, cardiff, wales, october 2018

florence queer film festival, october 2018

hamburg queer film festival, october 2018

outwatch film festival sebastopol, october 2018

out at the movies, winston-salem, october 2018

cineffable film festival, paris, october 2018

side by side festival, saint petersburg, october 2018

twist, seattle queer film festival, october 2018

way out west lgbt Film festival, albuquerque, october 2018

everybody’s perfect film festival, switzerland, october 2018

alexander valley film festival, october 2018

homochrom festival, cologne, october 2018

mix copenhagen, november 2018

mezipatra queer film festival, november 2018

inside out ottawa lgbt film festival, november 2018

indianapolic lgbt film festival, november 2018

festival mix brasil, november 2018

fringe! London, november 2018

QUEERSICHT Filmfestival, Bern, november 2018


Queer Screen Sydney, november 2018

Chéries Chéris: Paris Gay Lesbian film festival, november 2018

image+nation: Montréal Intl lgbt film festival, november 2018

Pink Life Queer Film Festival, January 2019

Reelout Queer Film & Video Festival, january 2019

Sphinx Cinema, february 2019

Zinegoak Film Festival Bilbao , february 2019

Capilano University, february 2019

Lesbian Looks, february 2019

Athena Film Festival , barnard, march 2019

OutView: Athens Intl Gay & lesbian film festivals, march 2019

Leeds Queer Film Festival, march 2019

Festival Ecrans Mixtes, march 2019

Brisbane Queer Film Festival, march 2019

China Women's Film Festival, march 2019

Roze Filmdagen: Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival, march 2019

Melbourne Queer Film Festival, march 2019

Women's Film Festival in Brattleboro, march 2019

Montclair State University Films and filmmakers series, march 2019

Queergestreift Festival, march 2019

qFLIX Philadelphia, march 2019

Out On Screen: Stevens Point LGBT Film Festival, march 2019

Wicked Queer Boston Film Festival, april 2019

Geelong Pride Film Festival, april 2019

Cinemarges, april 2019

IntlWomen's Film Festival cologne/dortmund, april 2019

Berkeley Public Library Claremont, june 2019

Immaginaria International Women's Film, april 2019

OUTshine Film Festival, april 2019

SPECTRUM Film Festival at the Martha's vinyard film center, april 2019

Zinentiendo LGBT Film Festival, april 2019

XPOSED International Queer Film festival berlin, may 2019

Helsingborg Pride, may 2019

Fairy Tales Presentation Society, may 2019

Fire!! Mostra Internacional de cinema gai i lesbia, june 2019

Nitehawk Cinema williamsburg, june 2019

Connecticut LGBT Film Festival, june 2019

Dyke Drama, june 2019

ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival, june 2019

Freiburger Lesbenfilmtage, june 2019

Out! For Reel LGBT Film Series Northampton, june 2019

Prairie Pride Film Festival, july 2019

Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, august 2019

DocumentaQro, august 2019

CIC Florianopolis, august 2019

aGLIFF austin, august 2019

Mostra Sapatao Brazil, august 2019

Long Beach Q Film Festival, september 2019

Reel Q - Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival, october 2019

Hennepin County Library, october 2019

ZeFestival Nice, october 2019

Louisville LGBT Film Festival, ocotober 2019

Reel Pride Winnipeg, october 2019